We offer a variety of other activities.
Enjoy your "One and Only Experience" with the history and culture of ancient KYOTO.

One and Only Scenery

Arashiyama has always attracted people since long time ago.
MUNI KYOTO will open situated facing Togetsukyo Bridge,
a bridge famous for its beauty.

The murmuring of the river, the light of the moon across the bridge,
the scent of the morning dew carrying the wind,
taste of seasonal essence, genuine atmosphere and performance.

You will find an irreplaceable scenery; one that can only be experienced
by those who stay with us.

MUNI KYOTO is located in "One and Only Scenery".
Our hotel harmonizes with the nature of Arashiyama
and adds new colors to the history of this place.
We strive to be a hotel worthy of this special place.

Nestle in
close to Arashiyama

Large windows overlooking lavish nature and stunning gardens.
This scenery is a gift from Arashiyama
and transforms its appearance as the seasons change throughout the year.

We cherish a sense of unity with nature.
By incorporating natural materials into the architecture,
not only the atmosphere but our guests will be able to feel the history
of Arashiyama as time flows.

Supreme Cuisine
Nature and Culture

The hotel offers two restaurants by Ducasse Paris,
founded by world-renowned chef Alain Ducasse.

A contemporary restaurant for the dinner time
that incorporates Kyoto ingredients into traditional French cuisine,
where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and tea time
while admiring the scenic Katsura river landscape.

The chef is none other than Alessandro Guardiani,
who has a wealth of experience for 10 years at restaurants
of Alain Ducasse in Monaco, London and Paris.

Sweeten the Memories
of Your Trip

like flavorful brioche, chocolate tablets,
and various baked pastries
for your breakfast or snack during your leisure trip.

Curing your Body
and Soul

Visiting Arashiyama will allow one to forget everyday life
and enjoy history, culture, and nature.
During your stay, enjoy our spa that brings
an even more extraordinary experience.

Indulge yourself at the end of the day with a treatment
that integrates the natural blessings of Kyoto and a relaxing atmosphere
where natural materials create a calm atmosphere.