Ikebana flower arrangement lesson

taught by the 4th master of the Rakuyomisho school

Learn modern ikebana in the comfort and tranquility of your room with the magnificent nature of Arashiyama visible through a large window.

Held in your room
About one hour for one arrangement
Please consult the time within your staying
8,800 yen per arrangement for one person(material fee and tax included)
  • Please let us know in advance if there are certain kinds of flowers you would like to use or if you have a certain arrangement in mind.
Please contact us by E-mail.

Instructor : Mr. Miki Yamanaka

Executive Director, Kyoto Ikebana Association
Fourth Iemoto (master) of Rakuyomisho, a school that has been teaching ikebana since the Meiji period. He has been presenting contemporary ikebana at various events such as the Higashiyama and Arashiyama Hanatoro and the Gion Festival.


Enjoy your "One and Only Experience" with the history and culture of ancient KYOTO.