Limited to one couple per day

Special viewing at Daikakuji Temple via rickshaw

Guided tour of the Shinden Imperial Hall, Shoshinden Main Hall, Godaido Hall, and more, with a priest.

Enjoy sliding door paintings by Kano Sanraku in the Shinden Imperial Hall , and the Sho shinden Main Hall, an important cultural asset that is not open to the public.

October 4, 17, 27, and 31
10:25 am : meet at the hotel lobby.

10:30 am : Depart the hotel by rickshaw ⇒ Head to Daikakuji Temple via bamboo grove route.

11:00 am : Arrive at Daikakuji Temple ⇒ Visit Shinden Imperial Hall exhibiting sliding door paintings by Kano Sanraku, Shoshinden Main Hall (an important cultural asset that is not usually open to the public), Godaido Hall, and more, with the priest as your guide.

12:00 pm : Receive a worshipping seal stamp and return on your own. (A return rickshaw is available as a paid option.)

  • Kindly settle your hotel bill in advance if the tour is on the day of your check-out.
¥9,800 per person; ¥15,100 for two persons
  • Please inquire about the rates for more than 3 persons.
  • Includes worship fee and rickshaw (one-way outbound).
  • Kindly request if you require transportation on the way back.
Special benefits
Receive a Shuin seal

  • Reservations must be made by 5:00 pm the day before the tour.
  • Please request this option when booking online.