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Fukuda Art Museum
Personal Guide Plan

"Tigers, Cats and Zodiac Animals"

2022.01.29 - 04.10

We have prepared a luxurious private tour with personal guidance by the curator at the Fukuda Art Museum after the operation hours.

This is a premium private tour limited to one group per day.

Guests staying at MUNI KYOTO
5:00pm each day - about 1 hour
A personal guide will take you around the Fukuda Art Museum.
Please refer to the museum website for details of the exhibition.
¥27,500 including admission fee (tax included) for up to 5 people
Apply by online
the Deadline
From January 29, 2022 to April 10
(some days excluded)
Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.
Museum holidays
(Tuesdays (or the following weekday if Tuesday is a national holiday)

Related Information

Guests staying at MUNI KYOTO can enter the Fukuda Art Museum from 9:30am, 30 minutes earlier than the museum's opening time.

The Fukuda Art Museum, adjacent of MUNI KYOTO, has a collection of Japanese paintings ranging from the Edo period to modern times. It is especially known for the works of Jakuchu Ito, Shoen Uemura, and other Kyoto artists.